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For Shame – Wheaton Alumni Defend Chrislam Professor

  ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE — If you, like pompous papal in error Francis and Dr. Larycia Hawkins of Wheaton College believe Christians and Islamists worship the same God you are doomed by your apostasy and following of false teachers and unsound doctrine. You will be severely judged for believing the worldly philosophy of men and women […]

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SPECIAL EDITION: The End Is Very Near — The Apostasy Around Us At Every Turn

    SPECIAL EDITION: The End Is Vey Near — The Apostasy All Around Us At Every Turn ACP Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 Contributions below from multiple sources and writers — with Scripture from the King James Version; False teachers, false teachers, the great falling away   I charge thee therefore before God, and the […]

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In New York, Pope Francis Embraced Chrislam And Laid A Foundation For A One World Religion

    In New York, Pope Francis Embraced Chrislam And Laid A Foundation For A One World Religion By Michael Snyder September 27th, 2015 Reprinted from: End of the American Dream Remarks made by Pope Francis at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan have sparked a firestorm of criticism from those that do not believe that […]

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Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Here and Now

          What Is ‘Chrislam’ & Why Are Its Followers Merging Christian & Islamic Theology? (VIDEO) September 19, 2012 by Billy Hallowell   Editor’s Note: This article is part of a larger series about lesser-known religions called “Understanding Faith.” In light of recent events, this week’s subject is Chrislam, a merging of […]

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Not much sand left in the hourglass…

Running out of time, running on empty by Ken Pullen ACP Thursday, February 2, 2012   There may be slightly over 7,000,000,000 people on this earth now, but there really are only 3 different kinds of people. 1.) Unbelievers of God, Christ, and the Holy Bible. These people are either highly educated or not. Of […]

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