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Only Living Things Grow

  Only Living Things Grow   by Ken Pullen ACP Saturday, October 21st, 2017   Inanimate things do not grow, are not living, can we agree? Only living things grow, right? Only someone attempting to be difficult, or thinking themselves amusing or lacking sense would disagree, correct? Objects such as rocks, drywall, sheet metal, light […]

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The Point: Eradicate the Differences?

  The Point: Eradicate the Differences? Download   by: John Stonestreet Category: The Point Reprinted from: BreakPoint September 7th, 2017   I recently told you about a “gender reveal” exercise at a California kindergarten. And it won’t be an isolated event. The BBC has aired a two-part program about a doctor who visited an elementary […]

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I Live Outside of Sodom

  I Live Outside of Sodom by Ken Pullen ACP August 3rd, 2014   I live just outside of Sodom, with Gomorrah right down the road a spell. If you do not believe this world is close to its end, and Yeshua, Jesus the Lord and Messiah is not far from returning than you have […]

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