Still Building the Tower of Babel


Still Building the Tower of Babel

Part 1 in a series

by Ken Pullen


Wednesday, August 20th, 2014



This is going to be a series of articles on how the modern-day Church is the living example of the continuation in building the Tower of Babel.

To get where we are we must learn from whence all things came to bring us to the place we presently reside. We must do this based solely upon the Word of God whether it goes against what we have been indoctrinated with by the world and the faulty wisdom, and lack of understanding of men, or not.

The Scriptures — the Holy Bible — the living word of God must be the source, and not only the source but rightly divided and discerned wisely.

The Scriptures are not allegory. Not a quaint idea. Not merely a guidebook. The Scriptures are not myth, or fairy tale, or the creation of a man, or of men. The Holy Scriptures are the God-breathed words of God given to men through the ages, written by a diverse group of men spanning a time period of roughly 1,600 years. Every word of God’s Word given to each man by the Spirit of God whether the men writing the words understood them at the time, or not.

There is not one mark, no matter how small in Scriptures not there for a reason, placed there by the Spirit of God for the instruction of men and women. To always discern wisely. According to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit moving and teaching within them, if they are fortunate enough to live such a life, and believe in such a manner.

And God gives to each their own measure of what they can withstand and hold.

Some years back I had a very good friend who I spent considerable time discussing spiritual matters and Biblical matters almost on a daily basis. For numerous reasons this relationship was ended, and this person and I no longer communicate. It could be viewed sadly, if attaching the thinking of man upon this, or it could be seen as God’s will even though that might not be readily understood by many. How and why would God want two people professing faith and discussing the matters of the Bible to no longer communicate? For many reasons. Some perhaps never fully understood or known by us.

I recall in one of our discussions this person stated her belief that the Great Flood only occurred in the known Biblical world at the time of Noah. And that other places, other people scattered around this earth were not impacted by the Great Flood.

I stated there is geological evidence worldwide to show at one point in earth’s history there was a great flood covering the entire world at the same time. Now did the water reach to the tip of Mount Everest? I do not know, no one does, but I believe there was a Great Flood which covered all the earth as written in Scripture, and did not only cover an area in the Middle East at that time.

We disagreed. It was not the only time, or the first, or the last time. As time passed we disagreed about more things and I turned to the Bible and praying to be led by the Holy Spirit in my beliefs. But I did not take that path for some time during our relationship

And instead of my taking this, and other subjects we discussed further, and going to the Word of God I dropped the subject and we moved on to something else.

A sense of Babel existed in our relationship. We had said we were like-minded, and so very similar in so many ways, right down to basic likes and dislikes and viewpoints and beliefs, yet Babel existed. We spoke the same language. We were in line more than out of line with each others thinking yet… there existed a confusion of thought. Even though we speak the same language, the speech within our minds began to become different.


The whole earth used the same language, the same words. It came about that as they traveled from the east, they found a plain in the land of Shin‘ar and lived there. They said to one another, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them in the fire.” So they had bricks for building-stone and clay for mortar. Then they said, “Come, let’s build ourselves a city with a tower that has its top reaching up into heaven, so that we can make a name for ourselves and not be scattered all over the earth.”

Adonai [the Lord] came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. Adonai said, “Look, the people are united, they all have a single language, and see what they’re starting to do! At this rate, nothing they set out to accomplish will be impossible for them! Come, let’s go down and confuse their language, so that they won’t understand each other’s speech.”  So from there Adonai scattered them all over the earth, and they stopped building the city. For this reason it is called Bavel [confusion] — because there Adonai confused the language of the whole earth, and from there Adonai scattered them all over the earth.

Genesis 11:1-9 – Complete Jewish Bible

The woman I used to be great friends with, believing we were like-minded true believers, and I had growing disparity of how we believed and what we relied upon, and how we discerned matters. She knew a lot more about all the branches and offshoots of Christianity over the span of ages, and she was a very educated and smart person in many matters. I often turned to her for instruction and knowledge, and for a time accepted her instruction and knowledge as better than what my heart, mind, and spirit were telling me. Because I believed her more educated. But her education consisted of the writings of men, modern-day writings, and the commentaries and writings of men over the past hundred years or so.

I began to lean more to the Bible than the writings and philosophies and beliefs of men.

I take things more literally in the Bible. And in further study and prayer and spiritual growth I know, for example, from reading and studying the Book of Genesis how the world had become from the time of the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden to right up to the time of Noah and the Great Flood. I am of the mind and believe completely and without question there was one people, one language, and a coming together of men to increase their knowledge and increase in their pride thinking they could reach heaven and God through their own works, their own knowledge, and thus God had to create the Babel we have come to know. I believe men and women then began to be scattered over the whole earth AFTER God intervened and AFTER the Tower of Babel ceased being constructed.

Yet we continue construction on the Tower of Babel at fever pitch in our time, and this construction, the bricks, the mortar, the blueprint and plan come from men and women professing to be Christian. This is what we will explore in greater detail as this series unfolds.


Before the First Tower Was Built

In the beginning of Genesis chapter 6 we learn how Cainites were marrying Sethites and this was going to lead to many problems on down the road. Cainites are the direct descendants of Cain, he who slew his own brother Abel out of jealousy and rage. Cain who at that point in human history still had the ability to communicate directly with and from our Living God, our Father, and who God found full of wrath and in anger feeling self-pity even though he knew he did not make the offering unto God he was instructed to make. His self-will and the sin within him towards God refused to allow him to bow before the Lord our God and to obey the Lord our God.

So in his anger and rage and jealousy and elevating himself higher than his brother, and in truth higher than God in his own mind since he determined he was big enough to disregard the instruction of the Living God — he murdered his brother, Abel.

And then tried to hide the fact and lie before God Who sees all and knows all.

Cain had nothing but evil within him. He was a fermenting source of sin, vileness, and evil boiling up within the mind, the heart of man.

And his offspring, with this within them as well, are Cainites. Many today are descendants of Cain and are in truth Cainites though they might not know it. I may even be myself, but thankfully for the grace and mercy of the Living God I have turned from evil and turned to God and Jesus the Lord and Messiah in trust, in belief, living to obey and heed Their instructions.

In Genesis 6 we learn;

The marriage of Cainites with Sethites

And the N’filim [Nephilim – giants, a powerful race of men – the antediluvian civilization] were on earth in that time as well


In time, when men began to multiply on earth, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were attractive; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Adonai said, “My Spirit will not live in human beings forever, for they too are flesh; therefore their life span is to be 120 years.” The N’filim were on the earth in those days, and also afterwards, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; these were the ancient heroes, men of renown.

Adonai saw that the people on earth were very wicked, that all the imaginings of their hearts were always of evil only.  Adonai regretted that he had made humankind on the earth; it grieved his heart. Adonai said, “I will wipe out humankind, whom I have created, from the whole earth; and not only human beings, but animals, creeping things and birds in the air; for I regret that I ever made them.” But Noach [Noah] found grace in the sight of Adonai.

Genesis 6:1-8 – Compete Jewish Bible

I do not believe, as many do, that the N’filim, or the Nephilim were fallen angels who procreated with beautiful women at the time of Genesis 6. Nowhere in Scripture does God’s Word tell us angels, fallen or otherwise, can procreate or have the need to procreate. Or that angels, holy or fallen, desire or require, or are capable of having sex. Yet many people attach this to this time and race of people.

They were giants, mighty men, to the best of my knowledge and discernment from my sources, which are always first and foremost the Word of God.

Calling Nephilim angels is a bit of a pagan and/or later rabbinic incursion on the pshat of Genesis 6. These ideas were given greater currency in some Jewish pre-rabbinic sources also, such as the apocryphal book of Enoch and the works of Phil Judaeus.

I would caution people in strongest possible terms on this matter: The use of “Sons of Elohim [God]” is so ubiquitous and diverse that forming any doctrine solely based on this term and without further context is dangerous and overly simplistic! Also “sons of God” don’t necessarily HAVE to be the nephilim but could be another group – the text is only saying that nephilim were around the same time the sons of God went into the daughters of Cain. Saying they are the same is an assumption, not proof. The Hebrew kind of goes roundabout like this, from A to B and back to A, so there is no way to know from certain.

The Nephilim as a word is best translated as “mighty men”; it is a synonym for gowrim (warriors). In ancient literature great men in strength and heart were often depicted as giants in stature as well. But there is no way to know how the real Nephilim’s stature matched their prowess in war. I do think though their appearance with respect to Joshua’s spies shows both a tendency to exaggerate when afraid but also that there may have been a kernel of truth that they looked more powerful than the average man, somehow. Maybe their armor gave them such an appearance, or perhaps they were really gigantic compared to the average man, who really knows?

So who were the sons of God if not the Nephilim? No one knows for sure! I do know that the whole angels debate is useless as real angels don’t commit fornication which is a sin against God, whether or not they can “do it”. (I personally think they cannot.) But on this point, I do believe that the sons of God could have represented a separate ancient group of men.

It is interesting that their name Nephilim gets translated directly in effect – maybe it comes from an archaic tongue? See Genesis 6:4.

We must also ask ourselves this: If nephilim were demons, which means some of our forefathers were demons, can we find salvation in Yeshua if our DNA makes us part demon? Can those with demon DNA inherit the kingdom of Elohim [God]? We are told that demons and the ungodly will end up in the lake of fire (Revelation 19:20; 20:10-15; 21:8, Mark 9:43; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11). Would God really allow a child to be born of a demon parent, knowing that the child can never inherit eternal life? Didn’t He say He wants NONE to perish (2 Peter 3:9)?

I can believe and accept many of us have the evil from perhaps being descendants of Cain within us, but if these nephilim were evil fallen angels as many contend? Even many professed believers contend? Then we as descendants of demons many could not find grace and mercy and salvation in the she blood and faith of our Lord, Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah and Saviour to EVERYONE who believes as Scripture tells us!

This is why context, and discernment, and rightly dividing, and asking for and gaining the spiritual wisdom and understanding of the Lord our God is so critically vital for the daily life and daily walk of every professed true believer.

As we continue in this series we will go from this point in our history which must become known and believed up through to our present time when the construction of the Tower of Babel has never been under such blistering construction since its inception, and with most of the constructing of the Tower of Babel today the bricks being fired, and the mortar mixed by the denominations and endless array of doctrines and theologies which do nothing but confuse and make the U.S. Tax Code, or a Bill from the U.S. Congress, or Chinese directions pale in comparison for the ball of confusion they create.

To Be Continued…

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