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by Ken Pullen


Tuesday, October 31st, 2017


I’m certainly not Solomon but I do know as he does and instructs us in the book of Proverbs there is no new thing under the sun — and all is vanity.

We all are ensnared. Even the true believer. In the daily regimen. The daily flow. Not only that which is normal and always has been — need to work to get food, shelter, be protected to get to the next day hopefully and take care of those in our lives in our families, those we love.

No, that is not as dangerous the snare all are captured in as is the snare of — what have I accomplished? What have I done with my life? Have I been a success? What can I accomplish?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve become among the richest in material wealth and accumulation on this earth or if you live in a mud hut and wear a loin cloth. Everything everyone thinks they have achieved, accomplished, been success or failure amounts to —-                           .

Nothing. All will pass away even though the very inner driving nature, the ego, the self of every person fights against that and perhaps makes them feel their lives then don’t matter. Why were they born, how could it be NOTHING matters, all will pass away, all will be forgotten, all is vanity!?

Now the self driven person, the person of this world, the ego shouts and declares this is futile, defeatist negative thinking and dead wrong. They matter! They accomplish! It all matters!

Yes, it all does but not as the fleshly of this world mind works and believes. Not as we have been taught and had ingrained in us.

Whether a person believes it or not the truth is, the only real truth on this earth is — given life what is each persons relationship with God, Jesus Christ the Lord, the Holy Spirit and HOW THEY MAKE THEM THE PRIORITY IN DAILY LIFE — having the light of God’s glory, Christ’s salvation and grace shine through them to be seen by others to glorify God and know Jesus is Lord, how to be the salt of the earth flavoring everything with the word of God, their faith?

This truth applies to atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu’s, sorcerers, witches, the empty and dead inside, the pre-occupied and unbelieving. Every person everywhere.

No matter.

None can escape. None are excused. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God no matter if they refuse to see, believe or live their lives accordingly.

That is why there is a place called hell which is very real contrary to the myriad false teachers rising up in the so-called Christian churches around the world proclaiming there is no hell. There is also a supernatural being known as the devil which many deny. It is he who they serve and answer in this daily struggle all through their days and nights toiling, occupied, racing about believing they are actually accomplishing something here that matters, that will perhaps last. Doesn’t matter if you’re famous and in some Hall of Fame somewhere. In some book. Have a statue erected in your honor. It all will pass no matter the lies Satan whispers so delightfully and lovely into your ears and mind.

Sorry, but the Holy Bible tells us there is a hell, and a devil opposed to God, Christ and all things righteous and holy and whether they believe as I do or not there is coming a time when they will sadly know all too well, yes, there is an eternal pit of torture, thirst, anguish, pain separated from God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and all things which make being born and living worth it all. What is truly worth accomplishing in this fleshly life — which is hearing the voice of God in our hearts and instead of denying, continuing on among all the hubbub and noise and confusion listening to the lies of this world rather than the truth of God’s and Christ’s voice. Coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Faith in God. Faith in the Holy Spirit. Faith in the inerrant word of God.

Then, not only believing — but living it. Obeying Christ, God, the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures.

Among all the noise, confusion, questions and mayhem. Among all the movement, lights and daily tasks making each race faster, faster, faster in keeping up, planning for some future not guaranteed or given, living as the world does as if they are the center, so all-important, self-obsessed, self-absorbed, self-inflicted and they must accomplish, do, be, experience, go, and on and on and on — there is only one answer to it all.

Only one answer that is not futile.

Only one answer that is not temporal and forgotten as EVERYTHING OF AND ON THIS EARTH WILL BE!

Only one thing any one can ever do that is NOT total, pure vanity.

Only one REAL THING WHICH ANY INDIVIDUAL CAN TRULY ACCOMPLISH in this fleshly life on earth.

Forgiveness of sin through repentance and acceptance, belief in, obedience to Jesus Christ the Lord, God, the Holy Spirit, and the inerrant living word of God.

When any individual reaches that point in this fleshly life they will become truly renewed of mind and spirit when sincere and their life will never be the same.

They will know what they never knew and may never have thought of or always doubted.

They will know.

The answer.

To it all.

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