Franklin Graham vs U.K. Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, Transgender & Islamic Activists

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Franklin Graham vs U.K. Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, Transgender & Islamic Activists


By PNW (Prophecy News Watch) Staff

July 19, 2018

Reprinted from: Prophecy News Watch



Franklin Graham is scheduled to lead the Lancashire Festival of Hope at the Winter Gardens Blackpool in the U.K. from September 21-23, but that booking is now being threatened by extremist lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender and Muslim voices.
With accusations of homophobia and Islamophobia, these activists want the city council of Blackpool to cancel the event and are calling for the U.K.’s Home Office even to deny Graham entry into the country.
Bus advertisements for the event have already been pulled in the city of Blackpool. A spokesperson from the bus company told a local paper, “Blackpool Transport has recently been made aware of an advert in place on the side of some of our double decker buses.
In light of customer feedback and reactions on social media which has resulted in heightened tension, we have taken the decision to remove all adverts relating to the ‘Time of Hope’ Festival with immediate effect.”
The festival has no anti-homosexual or anti-Islam focus but is instead, as Graham points out in interview with Premier, focused entirely on Christian evangelism. “I’m not coming to preach hate. I’m here to preach about a Savior, Jesus Christ, who can make a difference in our lives if we put our faith and trust in Him.”
Graham has courted controversy in recent years by advocating for Biblical stances in defense of marriage, by speaking out against the evil committed in the name of Islam by groups such as ISIS and for supporting traditional moral values. It is a strange alliance indeed that finds lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender radicals lining up next to Muslim hardliners, men not known for their respect for the homosexual agenda, to oppose the free speech rights of a Christian pastor.
The City Council of Blackpool has publicly stated that it intends to honor the contractual obligations it has in the booking for the festival… unless it decides that it doesn’t want to. Making a show of balancing the right to free speech with that of protecting British subjects from discrimination.
Councilor Maria Kirkland told the press, “We want to tackle discrimination, promote equality and increase respect and understanding between people regardless of their race, religion or sexual orientation.” When pushed to label Graham’s Christian beliefs as outright criminal, she dodged the question by saying that “decisions in law, over the nature of Franklin Graham’s reported comments and whether or not they constitute incitement to hate, a criminal act in the U.K., are entirely matters for the Home Office.”
But in order to remove all doubt, she ended the interview by saying that if it is determined that Graham encourages hate, the booking will be “terminated without hesitation.”
The right to free speech is no right at all if every comment that fringe groups disagree with can be labeled as discrimination and thereby criminalized. Is it not ironic that the U.K. allows in vast waves of Muslim ‘refugees’ that hold no love for homosexuals, Jews, Christians or Western culture and yet it is a Christian pastor who is threatened with being banned from the island entirely for his Biblical views? Or that lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender militant activists are free to slander Christian pastors and label them as bigots?
Public activism campaigns that label conservatives as bigots is the first step while legal challenges, even nationwide bans, are the next step. It is far easier to win arguments, the left has found, when all you have to do is shout, “bigot!” over any words of reason, compassion or wisdom from the other side. In this case, Graham is counting on the support of U.K. religious organizations and churches to make the gathering a success.
A spokesperson said in an Interview with the Christian Post, “The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is working in partnership with local churches to hold an event in Blackpool. It will be a positive and encouraging event with music and a message from Franklin Graham about the hope that can be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It will be free and everyone is invited to attend.”

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2 Responses to Franklin Graham vs U.K. Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, Transgender & Islamic Activists

  1. Malcolm Mathieson July 19, 2018 at 5:17 PM #

    Franklin Graham should be welcomed with open arms by Blackpool bringing light to what is obviously a very dark place

    • kenpullen July 19, 2018 at 11:57 PM #


      Thank you for taking the time to visit, read an article and comment.

      Let us all pray for Christian leaders such as Franklin Graham, and everyone professing to be a disciple of Jesus Christ’s, to humbly ask the Holy Spirit to instruct their words and preach the True Word of God and allow the Holy Spirit to work in those hearing the words.
      Let us pray for purity of heart, mind and spirit.

      For men like Mr. Graham and all our leaders as the Word instructs us we are to do and have faith God’s will be done — on earth as in heaven.

      God is in control.

      May we all ask for increased faith and discernment of spiritual matters and truly trust the Lord.

      Again, thank you for taking the time. Please feel free to comment on whatever you find on this website, and if you find it a good place to come don’t hesitate to let someone you know discover A Crooked Path.

      No strings. I never advertise, never ask for money and only do this in the hope of honoring the Lord our God and His Son, who died on a tree for all of us and rose from the dead the third day so anyone faithful and obedient to Him and His Father could have eternal life.

      And from all accounts of everything I source and read those in the United Kingdom could certainly use the Light, the Way, the Life and the Truth!


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