The Son’s Works

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The Son’s Works


By Richard Baxter

Writings on Conversion

Reprinted from: The Puritans, Edited by Randall J. Pederson, Christian Focus Publications

The Puritans —- Daily Readings


Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

Psalm 85:10


The works of the Son for us were these; to ransom and redeem us by His sufferings and righteousness, to give out the promise or law of grace, and rule and judge the world as their Redeemer, on terms of grace, and to make intercession for us, and the benefit of His death may be communicated; and to send the Holy Ghost, which the Father also doth by the Son. The works of the Holy Ghost for us are these; to indite the holy Scriptures, by inspiring and guiding the prophets and apostles, and sealing the Word by His miraculous gifts and works; and the illuminating and exciting the ordinary ministers of the gospel, and so enabling them and helping them to publish that Word; and, by the same Word, illuminating and converting the souls of men. So that, as you could not have been reasonable creatures if the Father had not created you; nor have had any access to God if the Son had not redeemed you; so neither can you have part in Christ, or be saved, except the Holy Ghost do sanctify you.

So that by this time you may see the several causes of this work: The Father sends His son: the Son redeems us, and makes the promise of grace; the Holy Ghost indites and seals this gospel; the apostles and the secretaries of the Spirit to write it; the preachers of the gospel to proclaim it, and persuade men to obey it; and the Holy Ghost makes their preaching effectual, by opening the hearts of men to entertain it; and all this to repair the image of God upon the soul, and to set the heart upon God again.

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