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A Revived Church Is America’s Only Hope

  Michael L. Brown has a very good article which is reprinted below these brief comments of mine. A very important and timely article. A revived in Biblical truths, a repentant and humbled Church revived in preaching, exhorting, reproving, rebuking, admonishing, TEACHING and INSTRUCTION in all of God’s Word to build up, uplift the body […]

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Christian Presence Grows in Kobani

And then there is some good news…     Christian Presence Grows in Kobani   Reprinted from: International Christian Concern     04/18/2019 Syria (International Christian Concern) – In northern Syria, near the Turkish border in the town of Kobani, the presence of Christians has grown through converts. Around 20 families, or between 80-100 individuals, […]

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Methodist Prayer Center Attacked on Palm Sunday in Sri Lanka

Christian Persecution Sri Lanka lies off the Southeastern tip of India   Religious composition of Sri Lanka: Over 70% Buddhist About 13% Hindu 10% Islamist About 6% church of Rome And 1.3% categorized as “other Christian” Excerpt from article below: “According to NCEASL, a leading evangelical organization in Sri Lanka, Christians have endured 35 religious […]

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Three American Christians Detained in Laos

Christian Persecution                   Please, seriously give strong consideration to helping persecuted Christians worldwide in providing Holy Bibles to them, something we take for granted and they cannot get access to   Three American Christians Detained in Laos   By International Christian Concern Wednesday, April 17, 2019 Reprinted […]

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UK School Employee Fired After Posting Objection to Homosexual, Gender Curriculum on Her Facebook Page

                 Kristie Higgs, Gloucestershire, England   What has happened to Kristie Higgs in England is happening not only throughout all of Britain, but also in America and every nation in the West. The fascist, militant homosexual agenda has overtaken every government and institution. Make no mistake. The fascist […]

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Pastors Pen Open Letters Rebuking Jack Graham for Praising Chair Who Killed Texas Bill to Criminalize Abortion

You may not agree, but the pulpit, where a man is to stand preaching, exhorting, rebuking, instructing, reproving, edifying, uplifting through the Holy Spirit working in that man, that vessel for the advancement of the Word of God is no place for American politics, or politics of any kind. Yes, I realize EVERYTHING is political […]

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