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Preach It!

Our culture is as sick as it is today because too many churchgoers refuse the meat of the God’s Word.   Preach It!   Thursday, May 2, 2019  By Dr. Ray Rooney, Jr. Reprinted from: American Family Association     As we watch out nation spiraling downward into a maelstrom of wickedness and depravity, the […]

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Holiday Massacres of Christians: A New Fact of Life

Muslim Brotherhood attack against Christians in Egypt   Holiday Massacres of Christians: A New Fact of Life by Raymond Ibrahim May 2, 2019     Notably, other Christian holidays, especially Christmas, are also prime times for Islamic terror, and for the same reasons — to make a “point” and because at that time, churches […]

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Tucson Lighting

European Elections: “The Battle for Europe has Begun”

  European Elections: “The Battle for Europe has Begun”   by Soeren Kern May 2, 2019  Reprinted from: Gatestone Institute     “We are fighting for Europe to remain European, with European values….” — Tomio Okamura, President, Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD) and Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. “My friends, […]

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Openly Homosexual US Ambassador: VP Mike Pence Is ‘on Board’ With Decriminalizing Homosexuality Worldwide

  No matter who a person might be, no matter where they cannot truly be a disciple of Jesus Christ, a child of God and also approve of the abomination of homosexuality. No matter what they, the world, their pastor might tell them, their denomination approve of. We cannot profess to be genuine Christians and […]

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