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200 Companies Join Brief Asking Supreme Court to Rule ‘Sex’ Discrimination Includes Homosexuality, Gender Identity

    Anyone not seeing, hearing knowing we’re living in the last of the last days — the Biblical times of  Romans 1 and other Bible prophecy times — are truly ensnared by the Evil One. The 200 companies joining the brief before the U.S. Supreme Court among the most dangerous blind and sinful. Title […]

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Washington State Middle School Student Kicked Out of Class Twice for Speaking Up About Faith

Washington State public schools teach — push, indoctrination, work to brainwash that sexual immorality, sexual perversions are not only acceptable, but to be embraced, searched out, lived out — as this right from the office of the Superintendent of Washington State Public Education attests. Anyone opening that link will see four pro-homosexuality organizations in Washington […]

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