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Welcome to “A Crooked Path.”

We all take a path in life. We all are on one of only two paths our entire fleshly lives. We either take the path of this world and trust only in the devices, knowledge, philosophies and creations of man, or we take the path of light, truth, and righteousness realizing our purpose in being created is to worship God. We seek the knowledge and understanding of God and His Word. Or we seek the ways of this world. We cannot serve both. Scriptures teaches us such truth.


None walk the straight and narrow from birth. None are good and holy. People are not inherently good as the world teaches. We all are sinners. No exceptions. And imagining oneself, or working at being “a good person” does nothing in attaining the salvation of the Lord and eternal life. None are able to set their feet upon the path of righteousness without believing in God, believing in Jesus the Lord and Messiah and without a renewing of spirit and mind — being born anew — putting aside the ways of this world as we are crucified and risen anew alive in Jesus the Lord and Messiah, and Him in us.


Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there will be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.


Matthew 7:13-14


This place is about all of us who have either walked upon the crooked path and finally found our way, or those realizing within their hearts and spirits there is something more to life than the latest technological development, frozen entrees to pop in the microwave, flat panel high definition TV, sports, sex, the continual pretending, or the daily cycle almost all are treading upon leading only to death. There is more – much more than the emptiness of idol worship and believing in the created gods of men which cannot speak, cannot see, cannot make, touch, or are not alive and are a lie. There is only One True God. Jehovah. Our Creator, our Father. There is only one faith which has Jesus the Lord and Savior and Messiah – Christianity. And within Christianity there are either true believers, true disciples of Jesus Christ the Saviour we are to make Lord of our lives, or those professing to be such but in truth are apostate. Of this world. Of the great falling away before the appearance of the son of perdition. Sadly, most fall into the latter category in these end of the end times and are following false teachers, unsound doctrine and have itching ears which turn to fables. More concerned with appeasing this world than in obeying God, learning and living according to the Word of God. This is not a “feel good” place of appeasement and accepting every sin and abomination and false teaching of man that comes along as more and more denominations, churches, and individuals embrace while still imagining themselves to be “Christians” when they are of this world and not living according to the inerrant word of God.

Most seek solace, peace, and the meaning of life in every other avenue than the Way, the Truth, the Light of God’s Word – Jesus Christ – and wearing a gold, silver, platinum, or wooden cross around ones neck and going to a church on Sunday’s to be entertained and receive your “gold attendance star” is NOT being a true believer, a true disciple of the Lord’s. There is only one way. One true path. Trusting and believing in the Lord our God. Trust in His inerrant Word. Trust in His Son, Emmanuel, Redeemer, Saviour, Lord of lords, King of kings -Jesus the Lord and Messiah as the only way to salvation and eternal life.

As we continue on our journey we must always place God’s Word ahead of everything else. Above everyone else. Forsaking this world. Forsaking sin. Mortifying sin. Not adopting and implementing the lies of this world into our worship, our doctrine. The Holy Bible is our doctrine. It is the only doctrine we need. Do not turn to the appeasement, the tolerance, the ways of this world if one wants to enter into heaven and is one of the Lord’s chosen people. We must come to the realization it is really all very simple. Not always easy. But simple. And there are no real gray areas.

It truly is clear, illuminated, and revealed in black and white. Men create the gray areas to sooth their troubled hearts and minds. To embrace the grayness of their lies and hollow lives. There is no gray with God or His Word.

It is my hope and prayer that if you are already a believer you will subscribe to “A Crooked Path” and read what is presented here. I will work to provide what the Lord leads me to publish here in this place. That is my prayer. My goal. To not grieve the Lord or the Holy Spirit and to have appear here that which helps fellow brothers and sisters in the faith, or can be of help to the non-believing souls who happen upon this place. edifying even if not always pleasant to hear and learn. I also ask you to not be shy and please do not hesitate to comment and contribute to this place. This is not about me. I do not do this for my glory or honor. This is not my “ministry” as so many claim they do in error. This is done for the Lord. This is done for anyone who happens along here. Not for me. Not for my boasting or glory. This place is not of my doing. I am only a watchman, only a laborer in the vineyard. I am not the Vine. I am but one man. A sinner. Only saved through my faith in the Only One who can save and provide eternal life — Jesus Christ. The Son of God. I only do the instruction of the Lord our God to the best I can faithfully embracing the Spirit of God and His whole living Word to teach, to instruct, to guide me in His ways all my days. However many the Lord measures out for me. This is not about self. I did not do this until prompted more than once by a sister and brother in the trust of the Lord our God and Jesus the Lord and Messiah. I did not feel capable or worthy. It was only upon their urging I entered into this. And upon praying to know if I was right in undertaking this. I never set out, or had any idea in mind, to begin a faith based website. Therefore, in what is done here is placing trust and confidence in the power of the Spirit of God to do His will and not my own. I pray fervently I do not fail the Lord our God and I only do that which is pleasing and acceptable unto Him and His Son, Jesus the Lord and Messiah.

This is a place to search the Scriptures. To be reproved in the fire removing the chaff and being nourished with the meat of God’s Word not merely entertained or fed milk. A place for teaching and discernment. And if I am somehow blessed and capable of teaching, yet do not DO that which is instructed by the Lord our God in my own life shame on me, and I will be among the least in the kingdom of heaven! 

A place to wipe away life’s perspiration. A place to discuss the Holy Scriptures and living a true believer’s life. What does that really mean?

I believe you might find “A Crooked Path” different than many other faith in God and Jesus the Lord and Messiah based websites.


For unbelievers, for those struggling with “I think I believe in God and Jesus, but I’m not ready to try and be perfect, or give up everything,” know that none are ever perfect. And we give up nothing. While we gain everything worth having and doing! Do not misunderstand. That does not mean allowing or embracing sins, abominations and those things in our lives unacceptable unto God. We surrender to and serve God in the knowledge of what that means. We no longer submit to the lusts, desires, and burning within us to do certain things the people of this world do without even thinking what they do displeases God and alienates themselves from God. We submit to the Lord. Willingly. Joyfully. In understanding and enlightenment provided to us by the Holy Spirit. Finally seeing and knowing things we only could through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit working in us.

Oh, yes, we’re still in the flesh. We still have earthly, fleshly human desires. We still sin — fall short. Every single day. We’re not robots, puppets, or superhuman. We just realize the consequences of sin – death – and prefer life and being pleasing to God and Christ over the fleeting, temporary pleasures of self and this world. We find pleasure in things the world does not know or understand.

Christ, pure, blameless, spotless, without sin gave up Himself, His life, and suffered greatly taking upon Himself ALL THE SINS OF EVERYONE IN THE WORLD so it is a small thing indeed to give up many of the things of this world which lead to death to serve Him and God. A true believer weighs the balance and gains wisdom. “Do I want a fleeting fleshly pleasure that will fade and I require more and more always never sated? Or do I turn to God and Christ as my strength and source and come to see and know the LIFE They, only They can afford?”

We are only perfected upon being freed of this fleshly body and being risen with Jesus the Lord and Messiah in our spiritual bodies. We strive to be pleasing and acceptable to the Lord, but none are perfect. We all make countless miscues and out and out mistakes each day. We are human. We fail. We fall short. That does not mean we excuse this in our life and continue in weakness and repetitive sin. That does mean we realize our weakness and daily turn to and trust God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Bible to lift us up. Keep us. Show us the way. This hopefully is a place to learn and grow and find refuge. To share experiences. You are not alone. This also is not a place prescribing we live by a dead set of rules, or that to be a believer one must sadly give up things, and sadly follow rules. There is no life or the liberty of salvation in becoming chained to legalism and following rules in an attempt to gain heaven. That is NOT the way. LEGALISM is death. Legalism is being dead in Christ and not discerning, rightly dividing the Word.


We believers do not sadly give up the death of this temporal world and its ways. We believers do not sadly give up the things of this world. To the contrary we rejoice in the blessing and the peace and knowledge the saving blood of Jesus the Lord and Messiah affords those who believe. Not only believe but commit themselves as disciples of Christ’s to follow, to do, to obey His word. All our days. We are not giving up a thing in renewing our spirits and minds in the ways of the Lord our God! As example let me just say upon being truly saved, truly renewed of mind and spirit by the Spirit of God I no longer had the desire to resort to, or do many of the things I had previously desired or done. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit literally changed me. Do not diminish, deny, or dismiss the power of the Spirit of God to work in you and your life.


We’re all on one path or another. We all either serve God or we serve Satan. There are no other paths than those two. One path leads to life the other to destruction. There are countless trails made by each individual as they live each day of their life, but all of us are on only one of the two paths heading in one of two distinct directions culminating in endings which can be known and are known.

The Holy Spirit is real, is personal, and can provide every person truly saved by the shed blood of Jesus the Lord and Messiah power, strength, direction, and help in ways people cannot conceive unless they seek, unless they answer the call and commit their lives to Jesus the Christ. Confessing their sins, repenting and discerning well what repentance truly means, asking for forgiveness, and asking — literally — for the Holy Spirit to reside within them in their renewed mind, heart, and spirit.

All things are possible with God.


Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.


Psalm 119:105


I only use the King James Version Holy Bible unless otherwise stated as the Word of God I turn to. I am aware of myriad translations. Some I see nothing wrong with. Others I see as perverting and corrupting the inerrant Word of God to fit and appease modern-day men and women. To subtly obscure the truth from their eyes, spirits, and minds. I will also be including news events from around the world that pertain to Scripture, prophesy being revealed, and the times we live in. We are here to seek truth and not the ways of men or certain denominations. I do not belong to a denomination. I belong to the body of the Church of Jesus the Lord and Messiah as the Head of the Church. To do and obey the Head’s instructions always. As my part in the body I answer to the Head. Not man. Not the teachings of this world. And we can discover much in the news and events of our day while always turning daily to the inerrant word of God.

Everything contained herein will be founded upon and searched using God’s Word as the foundation. I will share my story, my path upon the crooked path to place my eyes upon God and to finally walk upright towards the Promised Land. And Lord willing there will be a book of original poems composed by me available on “A Crooked Path.”

Its title is; “Wilderness: A Crooked Path to the Promised Land.” And I incorporate Scripture into my original poetry in a manner I think readers will find refreshing and inspiring not in a sugary or typical manner – always giving the glory to God in poems easy to read and felt deep into the heart and spirit. This is also a place which supports and defends the land Israel, and God’s chosen people, the Jews. I am not a Jew. I am Gentile by birth. I am Israelite by belief and action. I am a believer in the Lord’s complete living Word. I do not make distinction between what people call “Old Testament” and “New Testament.” I see the Word of God as one continuous book. An older covenant and a newer covenant but both solely and squarely founded in and upon Jesus Christ the Lord. One inerrant book God-breathed and written by the Spirit of God leading the hands and hearts of chosen men. I believe the Holy Spirit dwelt within those select men who authored the Scriptures. We cannot have the Apostolic writings and covenant of Jesus the Lord as Redeemer, Saviour, and Messiah without the earlier covenant and all that came before God (Jesus) came to earth to become man, to become flesh, to never sin, to teach and show us the way that all who may believe upon Him and serve Him and follow Him could be saved if they have the confidence and trust in the complete Word of God and do that which they read and understand.


I thank you for visiting. I hope you’ll stay awhile and you are always welcome to come back and stay longer.

Take some time to discover all “A Crooked Path” has to offer. I hope you agree this place does have something of merit to offer to you, or someone you know.

The main purpose this website came into being is from the priceless gift of salvation given to me in the payment made by our Lord, and this place was created with the purpose foremost in mind to worship, honor, glorify, and praise God and Jesus the Lord and Messiah. Through everything done here. For His glory…not mine. To help reveal the times we live in, which are the last of the last days. We are living in Biblical times. Prophecy times. Make no mistake.


Ken Pullen

Administrator, Editor, Researcher, and Writer of “A Crooked Path” made straight by the Wisdom and Word of God.

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  1. kenpullen February 20, 2015 at 1:24 AM #

    Grace From Calvary

    by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam

    If you want to enjoy a real spiritual feast, take a concordance to the Bible and look up the word “grace.” First notice how often this word is found in the four Gospels: only four times and only once in a doctrinal sense. Then notice how often it is used in Paul’s epistles (less than half the size of the four Gospels). Here it is found well over one hundred times and practically always in a doctrinal sense, about the love and mercy of God toward sinners and toward His own. Think of it: only once is grace referred to doctrinally in the four Gospels, yet in Paul’s epistles, less than half as large in volume, it is used more than one hundred times.

    This is because St. Paul was God’s chosen apostle to make known His grace to sinners. In Acts 20:24 he speaks of “the ministry which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.”

    But on what basis could God, through Paul, proclaim salvation by free grace to sinners? Ah, now take your Bible and begin looking up those passages which refer to the cross, the death and the blood of Christ, again noticing that while Paul does not actually relate the story of Christ’s death, he has more, far more, to say about that death, and what it accomplished, than any other Bible writer. It would thrill the heart of any sincere Christian to go through the Epistles of Paul and see how much good news Paul proclaims on the basis of the death of Christ. This is why his message is called “the preaching of the cross” — God’s good news about what Calvary has accomplished for us (1 Corinthians 1:17-23).

    In Paul’s epistles we learn that through Christ’s death for us at Calvary believers are “justified,” “accepted” by God, and pronounced “complete in Christ.” By His death they are reconciled to God in one body, given a position at God’s right hand in the highest heavens and assured “the exceeding riches of His grace” in “the ages to come” — this and more! Riches of grace flowing from Calvary; this is the very essence of the glorious message which Paul was raised up to proclaim. Read his epistles and see.

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