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Families Identify Dead

History 101: Part II, Muhammad Prophet of War

  Part II: Muhammad Prophet of War   by Robert Spencer   The Battle of Badr Soon after Nakhla came the first major battle the Muslims fought. Muhammad heard that a large Quraysh caravan, laden with money and goods, was coming from Syria. “This is the Quraysh caravan containing their property,” he told his followers. […]

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We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…

  Bioterrorism Funding Withers As Death Germs Thrive In Labs, Nature by Lynne Peeples       In early October 2001, just days after Bob Stevens hiked through North Carolina’s Chimney Rock Park and drank from a waterfall, government officials were retracing his steps. They were desperate to know why the 63-year-old man lay gravely […]

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History 101 – Muhammad: Prophet of War

  Muhammad: Prophet of War Part I of a series   by Robert Spencer From the book “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades” Regnery Press     Why does the life of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, matter today? Fourteen centuries have passed since he was born. Millions of Muslims have lived […]

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Moshe Dayan

The Israeli – Arab Wars 1947-1973 : Part II

    Who’s a Palestinian? by Martin Sieff If you asked anyone in Palestine – Arab or Jew – from 1920 to 1947, “Who are the Palestinians?” the answer would be unequivocal:Palestinians were Jews, not Arabs. The quickly growing Jewish community in Palestine during this time always described itself as Palestinian. This usage was still […]

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Sound familiar?

ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: I realize the last edition of “History 101” was about the Israeli – Arab wars, and I ended the last installment with “to be continued…” And we will. History 101 here on “A Crooked Path” will cover a very broad range of historical topics. Those which require more than one part to complete […]

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The Israeli – Arab Wars 1947 – 1973

  Part I by Martin Sieff Introduction For the first quarter-century of its existence, the State of Israel was locked in a continual struggle for survival against its hostile Arab neighbors. In twenty-five years, Israel fought five major wars – and won al of them. How did the Israelis do it? Israel, we’re often told, […]

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Introduction: History 101

  One of the greatest deficiencies in the people making up the United States of America is their ignorance of history and their open and blatant disdain for knowing anything about history. We have permitted the lie; “history is boring, it’s just about dates and places and events that have no relevance to today” to […]

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