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Scientific Turnaround (Audio & Video)

  Scientific Turnaround (Audio & Video) Articles, audio recordings, and videos in this posting: Is There A Creator In The World? Genesis & The Big Bang Theory and Origin of Life by Dr. Gerald Schroder audio links: Intelligent Design video by Dr. Gerald Schroder: Article written by Dr. Gerald Schroder: The Fine Tuning of the Universe The […]

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The Origin of Valentine’s Day

    The Origin of Valentine’s Day By Matt Blitz   While not thought to be directly related to modern Valentine’s Day traditions, the beginnings of celebrating love (of a sort) in February date back to the Romans. The feast of Lupercalia was a pagan fertility and health festival, observed from February 13th through the […]

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Corinth in History and Archaeology

Artists illustration of Biblical time Corinth     LINK: The Biblical City of Corinth Corinth in History and Archaeology by Apologetics Press Staff   The biblical accounts of the travels of Paul often include societal information that is made more pertinent by a historical and archaeological examination of the locations of the churches founded in Acts. […]

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Proof   by Ken Pullen Sunday, September 7th, 2014   The following will give proof there is truly no new thing under the sun. One example which demonstrates clearly how we think ourselves wise yet know very little. We see something but are ignorant of the details, the threads which bind the fabric. We think […]

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The Age of the Earth: Part 2

    Continental Drift The Age of the Earth: Part Two By Randy S. Berg   In Part 2 of this series: Introduction Radiometric Dating of Ocean Bottom Rocks So How Long did it Take? Distorted Layers Polystrate Fossils Clastic Dikes Unpetrified Tree Trunks Magnetic Ocean Bottom Evidence The San Andreas Fault Gradual Decrease in […]

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The Age of the Earth – Part 1 in a series

    The Age of the Earth – Part 1 in a series  Who needs God if life can be explained by matter, time & speculation? By Randy S. Berg   Introduction: Most Evolutionists and Slow Creationists believe that the earth is 4,600,000,000 (4.6 billion) years old, while  many Creationists believe that the earth is only […]

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