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Standing? Or falling?

    FBI to launch nationwide Big Brother facial recognition service By Aliya Sternstein 10/07/2011 The FBI by mid-January will activate a nationwide facial recognition service in select states that will allow local police to identify unknown subjects in photos, bureau officials told Nextgov. The federal government is embarking on a multiyear, $1 billion dollar overhaul […]

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Evil strikes the match, igniting the inferno…

    Turkish military exercise on Syrian border. Assad threatens Tel Aviv if attacked DEBKAfileExclusive Report October 4, 2011, 5:03 PM (GMT+02:00) Tags: Syria   Bashar Assad   US Leon Panetta   Israel   Tel Aviv   Turkey Syrian troops facing Turkey War tensions between Turkey, NATO and Syria shot up again Tuesday, Oct. 4, with the announcement from Ankara […]

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It is as that old saying goes…

  The wicked never rest.       Awaken from your slumber, open your eyes to the abominations around you each day… In the photograph above those are not fathers with their daughters going to a fancy party somewhere. They are not older brothers taking their little sisters to their first dance, or some holiday […]

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Are you prepared?

    NATO preps for new war Syrian chief warns attack will set Middle East aflame October 04, 2011 8:50 pm EasternBy Aaron Klein © 2011 WND TEL AVIV – NATO troops are training in Turkey for a Turkish-led NATO invasion of Syria, a senior Syrian diplomatic official claimed to WND. Separately, informed Middle East security […]

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Ashes, ashes, they all fall down…

    ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: When a person murders 2 people they forfeit theirs rights. When a society places concern on the rights of such people and allows them to sue the state? That society is not on the road to ruin and its demise that society is already well on its way and closer to […]

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How about a godly America?

    ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: As a Christian man who accepts and believes in the whole Word of God I do have empathy and sadness within my heart for the downtrodden, the hurting, the afflicted, all those considered low or unworthy in our society. It does not sit well within me when an individual is singled […]

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Ignorance and blindness reigns down and drowns the people…

      Hezb’allah Cells Active Worldwide, Including in U.S. By Reza Kahlili American Thinker   The terrorist group Hezb’allah, based in Lebanon, is establishing “resistance cells” worldwide under the direction of Iran, according to Mohammad Hussein Babai, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the province of Golestan. The cells are already infiltrating […]

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