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Every Day

    Every Day   by Ken Pullen Copyright 2018         Every days night every nights day warring away tearing ways day by day warring off on to a warring am I when it is I I, me, my, mine rather than looking living being in the Spirit Thee, Thine will be […]

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Where’s the Fire?

    Where’s the Fire?   by Ken Pullen copyright 2018       Where’s the fire? Nay, not bluster nor volume lackluster antics by well rehearsed pretenders drawing God’s ire order of the day from most pulpits puppets of their master the angel of light deceiving many with “feel good” tolerate everything anything goes is […]

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Close-up of potter's hands with the product on a potter's wheel

My times are in Thy Hand

  My times are in Thy Hand   by Ken Pullen All Scripture  appears in Italics & bold text is from the King James Version Title & theme based on Psalm 31:15 copyright 2018     My times are in Thy hand not one breath one heartbeat one step is mine without Your hand upon […]

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Drinking Sand

Drinking Sand     by Ken Pullen Scripture used from the King James Version appears in Italics copyright © 2018 by Ken Pullen / A Crooked Path (with permission of author to reprint as long as not done to reap material benefit and including direct link to this webpage)       They drink sand attempting […]

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