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Even If…

    Even If… by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam When the Babylonian multitudes prostrated themselves in worship before the golden god which Nebuchadnezzar had erected, three young Hebrews refused to bow and remained standing, erect and alone. When called before Nebuchadnezzar to answer for their impudence and threatened with death in a fiery furnace, they […]

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Asleep In A Storm

    Asleep In A Storm by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam What a disappointing scene! A terrifying storm, souls in danger of  death, but Jonah, the man of God, fast asleep. Sailors are not soon frightened in a storm, but this time the fury of  the gale was so great that “the ship was like […]

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Moses And The Prophets

  Moses And The Prophets by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam Now our Lord, when on earth, encouraged, indeed He even challenged His audiences to “Search the Scriptures” for themselves (John 5:39). Indeed since God revealed Himself and His plan of salvation in the written Word, we are responsible, each one for himself to study the […]

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Dead Works

  Dead Works by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam Twice in Paul’s epistles he refers to “dead works”. In Hebrews 6:1 he writes about “repentance from dead works”, while in Hebrews 9:14 he declares that the blood of Christ avails to “purge the conscience from dead works to serve the living God”. Mark well, these references […]

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Understandest Thou What Thou Readest?

    Understandest Thou What Thou Readest? by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam This was the question Philip asked of the Ethiopian prince as he sat reading from Isaiah’s prophecy (Acts 8:30), and it is a question which we should continually keep asking ourselves as we read the Holy Scriptures. There are always those among God’s […]

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Homosexuality: A Biblical Overview

Note by Ken Pullen Monday, April 8, 2013 The following article, below my brief comments, by Mr. Jim Denison is included in “A Crooked Path” because I believe it belongs and may help someone somewhere. That said, though, this whole matter of homosexuality has been permitted to be discussed as an intellectual one with almost endless […]

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Important Matters to Meditate Deeply Upon

Below are 5 short but well written and pointed articles to contemplate and mediate deeply upon. It is my hope and prayer you read them all and mediate on each one, and that you will be moved to let someone you know and care about know about these matters:   Bethlehem’s Babe Exalted by Pastor […]

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