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LINKS: Newly Updated & Reorganized

LINKS: Newly Updated & Reorganized   Check out the updated and reorganized “LINKS” on the right hand sidebar of the “Home Page.” Reorganized so everything is grouped together now for ease of use for all subscribers and visitors to A Crooked Path.      

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Links Updated

  Links Updated   Tuesday, August 7th, 2018   Some links located in the sidebar on the right hand side of the Home Page, under the heading “Links” have been removed. While a number of other links have been added to the list. The new links are:   Alistair Begg Sermons These are Alistair Begg […]

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Without Christian Ideals, Democracy Dies

PREFACE It will be resolved, only resolved when the Lord Jesus Christ returns. Period. Ken Pullen ACP Tuesday, February 20th, 2018   Without Christian Ideals, Democracy Dies Friday, February 16, 2018 By Don Wildmon Reprinted from: American Family Association     MARCH 2007 – Arnold Toynbee once said that if you want to study comparative […]

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DICED is U.N.’s Environmental Constitution for the World and our own Constitution Will Be Diced

  DICED is U.N.’s Environmental Constitution for the World and our own Constitution Will Be Diced By Ileana Johnson June 11, 2017 Reprinted from: Freedom Outpost     I am sure there are many Americans who have no idea nor care what “The Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development” (DICED) is. They should. The Draft […]

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Must read for all Facebook and Twitter users

Must read for all Facebook and Twitter users   Please take a moment to read Robert Spencer’s article that was published on FrontPage Mag earlier this week. Jihad Watch is being targeted by the Left for hate speech! Can you believe it? Sadly, censorship is how our enemy operates. If you use Twitter or Facebook, […]

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To All Subscribers To A Crooked Path

  To All Subscribers To A Crooked Path   It has been brought to my attention by a longtime subscriber to A Crooked Path depending on the email provider being used the e-newsletter from A Crooked Path appears differently to different folks. The subscriber inquired as to why I had written there were videos in […]

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Hold ‘The Loud House’ Sponsor Accountable

Notes from Ken Pullen — So-called same sex “marriage” is sexual perversion, immoral, and goes against the inerrant Word of God. Homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexuality, and trans-gender behaviors are deviant and sexual perversion. Each perverted sinful act goes against the Word of God. While our sordid government, our perverse and diseased institutions, our corrupted schools, and […]

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Meet the GOP billionaire behind Lesbian, Homosexual, Bi-sexual, Trans-gender push

  Paul Singer (Photo: Twitter) Meet the GOP billionaire behind Lesbian, Homosexual, Bi-sexual, and Trans-gender push Exclusive: Mat Staver exposes effort to enlist youth in ‘army to change America’ Reprinted from: WND July 28th, 2016   By Mathew Staver It is not surprising that those seeking to advance the lesbian, homosexual, bi-sexual, and trans-gender agenda would work through left-leaning […]

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