The World As One

  For Decades Now the Drumbeat, the Lament, the Cry, the Brainwashing Has Been… “Let’s Create A World Where We Are One!” Well, They’re Getting Their Desires After These Number of Decades…the World Is Becoming One Seething Cesspool of Sin, Abomination, Travesty, Tyranny, Decadence, Obsession, and Evil     Australian children to be sterilized without […]

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Our Enemy Contentment

  Our Enemy Contentment by A.W. Tozer From his book “The Root of the Righteous”   One of the big milk companies makes capital of the fact that their cows are all satisfied with their lot in life. Their clever ads have made the term “contented cows” familiar to everyone. But what is a virtue […]

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The Lost Misunderstanding

  The Lost Misunderstanding Or…we give great lip service while falling over the precipice don’t we?     by Ken Pullen ACP Thursday, March 15, 2012   This is written expressly to and for the professed believers who consider themselves “Evangelical” Christians, or Christians who consider the Holy Scriptures to be our authority in all matters […]

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Families Identify Dead

History 101: Part II, Muhammad Prophet of War

  Part II: Muhammad Prophet of War   by Robert Spencer   The Battle of Badr Soon after Nakhla came the first major battle the Muslims fought. Muhammad heard that a large Quraysh caravan, laden with money and goods, was coming from Syria. “This is the Quraysh caravan containing their property,” he told his followers. […]

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On Receiving Admonition

    On Receiving Admonition by A.W. Tozer From his book “The Root of the Righteous” An odd little passage in the book of Ecclesiastes speaks of “an old and foolish king, who will no more be admonished” (4: 13). It is not hard to understand why an old king, especially if he were a […]

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We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…

  Bioterrorism Funding Withers As Death Germs Thrive In Labs, Nature by Lynne Peeples       In early October 2001, just days after Bob Stevens hiked through North Carolina’s Chimney Rock Park and drank from a waterfall, government officials were retracing his steps. They were desperate to know why the 63-year-old man lay gravely […]

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