My book of original poetry incorporating Scripture is available to anyone interested. Just can click on this link; WILDERNESS:A CROOKED PATH TO THE PROMISED LAND  to order, or click on the “Store” button on the Home Page, or inquire about “Wilderness: A Crooked Path to the Promised Land” at any book retailer.

100% of all sales proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to charitable organizations and groups. Those can be found in the “LINKS” area on the Home Page. is the quickest and easiest way to purchase.

My writing of poetry is what began first long before people I know began telling me to start a website, and the poetry will always remain an integral part of this website. It is due to my sending the poems I wrote to a brother and a sister in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ that this website came about.

Anyone wanting to read the poems posted on A Crooked Path can find them easily by clicking on the word “Poems” in the very top of the page black header.

Please feel free to leave your comments regarding the poetry discovered here at the end of each poem you’ll find here.

I will close this by including the comments from the sister and brother in the faith which are on the back cover of the book, WILDERNESS:A CROOKED PATH TO THE PROMISED LAND:

“Fasten your seat belts because this is bold, searing Christian writing with a razor-sharp edge of hard truth. If you are looking for cotton candy inspiration, this is not the book for you. Are you up to it? Can you handle it? Are you a real Christian?”

~P. Poulin

“I am changed by each of Ken’s poems. They are very much like reading Scripture for today. Ken’s love for the Word of God and the Lord are so refreshing. Ken is able to see with new eyes the things we see around us daily. You will be encouraged to go on with the Lord walking beside you, leaving the things of earth behind, through experiencing these poems — one at a time.”

~Chuck Flanigan

All praise, honor, and glory to the Lord our God & to His Son, Jesus the Lord and Messiah,

Ken Pullen