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Let It Get You Down

LET IT GET YOU DOWN by Cornelius R. Stam “For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Eph. 3: 14). When adversity strikes, the world keeps telling us: “Don’t let it get you down,” but believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have learned that it is good to […]

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Chastisement and Cross Carrying

  Chastisement and Cross Carrying by A.W. Tozer   For the Christian, cross carrying and chastisement are alike but not identical. they differ in a number of important ways. The two ideas are usually considered to be the same and the words embodying the ideas are used interchangeably. There is, however, a sharp distinction between them. […]

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Clarity of Context; One Visible Path, Part II

    The words of those who lack discernment and have no conception of context are listened to and heeded. Those who possess understanding, wisdom, and have discernment placing words in context are mocked, ridiculed, and ignored. Both the unbelieving heathen and many professed believers in Jesus Christ the Lord prove this each moment of each day. […]

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Grace, Justification, Dead Works

    CAN THE LAW SAVE? by Cornelius R. Stam Printer Friendly VersionThis writer does not wear clerical garb, but somehow when he visits a church away from home, someone is apt to step up to him and ask: “Are you by any chance a minister?” Acts 13 tells how this once happened to Paul […]

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One Visible Path

One Visible Path   Faith; Grace; Justification; Works & the Condition of Many in Today’s World: Part I by Ken Pullen ACP November 21, 2011 Introduction   We cannot dilute the pure shed blood of Jesus Christ the Lord with the polluted wastewater of this world and expect to receive eternal life. The initial conception […]

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Himself – Part III

  Himself – Part III   by A.B. Simpson       Have you yielded?   Is your body yielded to Christ for Him thus to indwell and work through? the Lord Jesus Christ has a body like yours, except that it is perfect. His is the body not of a man but of the […]

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Himself – Part II

    Part II – Healing is the life of Christ   by A.B. Simpson     Similarly, in my ignorance I thought that healing would be an it. I thought that the Lord would take me, like the old run-down clock, wind me up and set me going again, much as He might recycle […]

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Himself: Part I

    “Himself” is the classic that best describes Albert B. Simpson’s theology. The tract, “Himself, is the most widely read work of Simpson. The influence of this digest of his teaching on the indwelling Christ has gone across denominational lines and blessed untold thousands in every part of the world. The special appeal of […]

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The Apostle Paul

  The following Scripture from Romans should be plainly understood. It is my hope anyone coming to “A Crooked Path” or taking the time to study Scripture is also taking the time to study to show themselves approved before the Lord, and studying to discern the Word of God, rightly divided. Taking the whole complete […]

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I had the most interesting conversation

    I had the most interesting conversation ACP   Ken Pullen Saturday, November 5, 2011 I had the most interesting conversation last night via email, between 3 and 5 in the morning, with a dear sister in the faith, and my best friend on this earth. We were discussing the crux of the news […]

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