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“I Don’t Know Why They Attacked Our Village”: Persecution of Christians

  “I Don’t Know Why They Attacked Our Village”: Persecution of Christians by Raymond Ibrahim May 12, 2019  Reprinted from: Gatestone Institute https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/14207/persecution-of-christians-february     During just the first two weeks of February, “[a]t least 10 incidents of vandalism and desecration of Catholic churches have been reported in France.” — Catholicherald.co.uk, February 15, 2019; France. […]

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Europe: “The Vision is an Islamic State”

  Europe: “The Vision is an Islamic State” by Judith Bergman July 2, 2018  Translation in:  German “The growing religiousness is not an expression of marginalization. We are talking about people who are well-integrated, but who want to be religious”. — Professor Viggo Mortensen. “The vision is an Islamic state — Islamic society… Muslims will […]

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France: Soon with No Jews?

50% of all newborns in France are Islamic.   France: Soon with No Jews? by Guy Millière April 7, 2018  https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/12121/france-no-jews     Translations of this item: German Today, France is the only country in the Western world where Jews are murdered simply for being Jews. Jews may be the main victims, but they are […]

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Europe: Making Islam Great Again

PREFACE One clear and distinct difference between Christianity and Islam, aside from the most important and noticeable difference that Christianity has Jesus Christ the Lord and Son of God and the false faith of Islam lowers Christ to a mere prophet, beneath Mohammad is that Christianity teaches to obey the laws of the land in […]

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As Attacks On Jews Rise in Europe, Anti-Semitism is the New Cool

  As Attacks On Jews Rise in Europe, Anti-Semitism is the New Cool by Abigail R. Esman Special to IPT News January 11, 2018 https://www.investigativeproject.org/7209/as-attacks-on-jews-rise-in-europe-anti-semitism   More disturbing than the alleged arson at a suburban Paris kosher supermarket on Tuesday – the third anniversary of the terror attack at the kosher Hyper-Cacher market, also outside […]

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Christians “Slaughtered Like Chicken”

Crucifix worn by Lebanese bishop murdered by Islamists in Lebanon     Christians “Slaughtered Like Chicken” Muslim Persecution of Christians, July 2017 by Raymond Ibrahim December 17, 2017  https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/11557/christians-slaughtered-like-chicken Indonesian “These draconian [blasphemy] laws are being used as a tool for discrimination and forcible conversion every day and the world stays silent. This poor boy […]

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