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Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America

“In this new interview, Dr. James Dobson welcomes David Horowitz to the Family Talk studios. The two discuss Horowitz’s new book…(see link below to interview)”.   What does it say about the current state of liberal, so-called politically correct “progressive” & “inclusive” Christianity, — which is not Christianity at all, there’s a really Good Book […]

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Prayer Request #16

  Prayer Request #16   New Zealand (Pacific): The increasing presence of other religions and spiritual options presents a challenge for Christians. The influx of immigrants from other faith backgrounds is an opportunity for Kiwis to share the gospel cross-culturally. More pressing though, is the permeation of society with New Age spirituality. Its individualistic, non-structural, […]

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China’s Christians Navigate Heavy Persecution

  China’s Christians Navigate Heavy Persecution   By Stan Guthrie Category: Christian Worldview, Stan Guthrie Reprinted from: BREAKPOINT     A proverb from the Song Dynasty of a millennium ago states, “Thick mountains could not stop the river from flowing into the sea.” Thirty years after the slaughter of pro-democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square, China’s […]

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The Advantage of Weakness (Part 2 of 2) Audio Sermon: Speaker, Alistair Begg

  The Advantage of Weakness (Part 2 of 2) Audio Sermon + Transcript   From Series: The Strength of Weakness   Speaker, Alistair Begg Sermon given on Sunday, September 12, 2004 2 Chronicles 20:1-19   As a vast horde of Moabites and Ammonites advanced against God’s people, the King of Judah was powerless to save […]

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If…   By C. H. Spurgeon from his “Morning and Evening” devotionals …If indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good. 1 Peter 2:3 “If.” Then this is not a matter to be taken for granted concerning every one of the human race. “If”–then there is a possibility and a probability that some may […]

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