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A Revived Church Is America’s Only Hope

  Michael L. Brown has a very good article which is reprinted below these brief comments of mine. A very important and timely article. A revived in Biblical truths, a repentant and humbled Church revived in preaching, exhorting, reproving, rebuking, admonishing, TEACHING and INSTRUCTION in all of God’s Word to build up, uplift the body […]

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The Crucifixion: Audio Sermon by Alistair Begg

  The Crucifixion (AUDIO)   By Alistair Begg From: Truth For Life Sermon preached April 13th, 2001 John 19:16-42   For the soldiers at Calvary, the crucifixion appeared to be business as usual. The sign above Jesus listed the charge: “the King of the Jews.” Alistair Begg explains, however, that this “criminal” was far more […]

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Will You Flee?

  Will You Flee?   By C.H. Spurgeon From Spurgeon’s book Morning and Evening     Then all the disciples left him and fled. Matthew 26:56 He never deserted them, but they in cowardly fear of their lives fled from Him at the very outset of His sufferings. This is but one instructive instance of […]

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Tends to Life

  Tends to Life   By John Bunyan Reprinted from: The Puritans, Edited by Randall J. Pederson, Christian Focus Publications The Puritans —- Daily Readings     By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the LORD men depart from evil. Proverbs 16:6   “By the fear of the LORD men […]

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Abortion, Social Justice, and Judaism (Part 1)

  Abortion, Social Justice, and Judaism (Part 1)   Tuesday, February 26, 2019 By Dr. Robert Youngblood Reprinted from: American Family Association     Snow White is being tempted by a magical, shiny apple from the abortion industry.  The apple is promised to relieve the promoted culture of fear about the uncertainty of motherhood and […]

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