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Illinois’ Grotesque “Reproductive Health Act”: Nothing to do with Health

  Illinois’ Grotesque “Reproductive Health Act” Nothing to do with Health   June 10, 2019 by: John Stonestreet &  Roberto Rivera Category: , Christian Worldview Reprinted from: BREAKPOINT     I’ve mentioned a few times that the possibility that Roe v. Wade might be in play, overturned, or at least rolled back, has prompted a […]

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Kirsten Gillibrand Says Pro-Life Laws Protecting Babies From Abortion are “Against Christian Faith”

Democrat Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, running for President says murdering babies is more than okay, and anti-abortion laws “go against Christian faith.” But the world isn’t upside down, the world isn’t broken and people given over to reprobate — unrighteous — minds? America’s best days lie ahead of U.S.? The best and brightest are our leaders […]

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Do You Know Roe?

    Do You Know Roe?   By Col. Tim Moore March 20, 2019 Reprinted from: The Christ in Prophecy Journal     January 22, 2019 marked the 46th anniversary of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that continues to tear at our national conscience. That was the date when the Roe v. Wade case legalized […]

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The judicial mindset of Brett Kavanaugh + Judge Kavanaugh: Not the best choice

  The judicial mindset of Brett Kavanaugh   By Cal Thomas July 11, 2018 Reprinted from: The Washington Times (Complete Federalist No. 78 by Alexander Hamilton appears after article titled; “Judge Kavanaugh: Not the best choice”)   If Alexander Hamilton had been nominated for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court today, Democrats would likely […]

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