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Stuck on Sex

  Stuck on Sex   Wednesday, May 22, 2019 By Dr. Ray Rooney Jr. Reprinted from: American Family Association     Process is defined as “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.”  Those last three words are critical: “a particular end.”  Goal.  Purpose.  Destination.  Desired result.  Objective. Most […]

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The Pursuit of Happiness

  The Pursuit of Happiness   Tuesday, May 21, 2019 By Laura Perry Reprinted from: American Family Association     We are told in society that we need to be affirmed in order to be happy. We are told that when transgenders commit suicide it is because they were not affirmed and accepted in their […]

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Defining and Defending Religious Freedom

  Defining and Defending Religious Freedom A Helpful Acronym   by: John Stonestreet &  G. Shane Morris Category: , Christian Worldview May 16, 2019 Reprinted from: BREAKPOINT     We’ve not seen in the United States, at least in recent memory, so many efforts to force Christians to act in ways that violate their consciences. […]

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Asteroids and the Improbability of Our Existence: What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful of Him?

“On April 13, 2029, a 370-meter wide asteroid formally known as 99942 Apophis will pass by Earth at a distance of about 19,000 miles. While 19,000 miles sounds like a long way away, but in astronomical terms it’s the equivalent of having a bullet whiz by your ear. There are man-made satellites that orbit farther […]

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Elizabeth Warren Announces Plan for National Law Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

A Massachusetts Democrat and a 2020 presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren thinks we haven’t murdered enough babies in America and she intends on making the laws even more lawless, more against God, making U.S. more vile, sinful and unrighteous. And she wants to be your next president. (photo caption comments by Ken Pullen, administrator of A […]

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