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The Lord’s Biggest Competition

The following is nothing new. God’s biggest competition since Creation has not been anything other than individual man and woman’s SELF-WILL. Self-adulation. Self-absorption. Self-indulgence. Self-instruction. Self-worship. Turning from God in total disobedience to serve self. Selfish desires. FEELINGS. And from that moment in the Garden in which Eve felt the first twinge of self-will from […]

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Washington State Middle School Student Kicked Out of Class Twice for Speaking Up About Faith

Washington State public schools teach — push, indoctrination, work to brainwash that sexual immorality, sexual perversions are not only acceptable, but to be embraced, searched out, lived out — as this right from the office of the Superintendent of Washington State Public Education attests. Anyone opening that link will see four pro-homosexuality organizations in Washington […]

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Wisconsin Governor Orders Rainbow Flag to Fly Over Capitol for First Time in State History

  Wisconsin Governor Orders Rainbow Flag to Fly Over Capitol for First Time in State History   By Editor  June 10, 2019 Reprinted from: Christian News Network     MADISON, Wisc. (The Journal-Times) — Democratic Gov. Tony Evers ordered a rainbow flag fly above the state capitol for the first time in state history, a […]

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Group pushes Boston ‘straight pride’ parade, sparks backlash

© Ganley Images Boston skyline from the Charles River   Wow. Heaven forbid anyone should rain on the perverts, sexual deviants, aberrant behavior, sexually immoral and amoral homosexual propaganda fest in the month of June, in which sin and abomination have highjacked and will not tolerate any opposing viewpoints or beliefs seen, heard, or present […]

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Preach It!

Our culture is as sick as it is today because too many churchgoers refuse the meat of the God’s Word.   Preach It!   Thursday, May 2, 2019  By Dr. Ray Rooney, Jr. Reprinted from: American Family Association     As we watch out nation spiraling downward into a maelstrom of wickedness and depravity, the […]

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