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Will Topless Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual and Transgender Swim For Ages 12-24 Finally Wake People Up?

  I’ll answer the leading question posed by the staff of Prophecy News Watch; No. Some people were finally paying attention and awake enough to respond to the “Youth All-Bodies Swim”, had been scheduled to take place this past Sunday in Langley, British Columbia to get the event cancelled, but it did not, will not […]

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Rush to impose ‘seismic cultural changes’ on Northern Ireland slammed

  Lord Morrow attempted to introduce safeguards.   Rush to impose ‘seismic cultural changes’ on Northern Ireland slammed (VIDEO)     July 19,2019 The Christian Institute Reprinted from: The Christian Institute     Fast-tracked “back door regulations” to impose abortion and same-sex marriage are “disrespectful to the people of Northern Ireland”, MPs have been warned. […]

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Washington State Middle School Student Kicked Out of Class Twice for Speaking Up About Faith

Washington State public schools teach — push, indoctrination, work to brainwash that sexual immorality, sexual perversions are not only acceptable, but to be embraced, searched out, lived out — as this right from the office of the Superintendent of Washington State Public Education attests. Anyone opening that link will see four pro-homosexuality organizations in Washington […]

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Minnesota Minister Defrocked, ‘Church’ Expelled for Embracing Homosexuality as ‘Non-Salvific Matter’

False teacher Dan Collison     Mr. Dan Colson, of Minneapolis, Minnesota considers himself a Christian and not only a Christian but a pastor leading a flock Christian. He and his “church” have been expelled from The  Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) for embracing homosexuality, as you will discover in the article below by Heather Clark, of […]

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