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“Wilderness: A Crooked Path to the Promised Land” did not come about with the idea of writing a book of inspirational poetry, or as a project to minister to believers in God and Christ, or to try and reach unbelievers. I had no intention of writing a book let alone getting it published and made available for people to buy and read.

Nor would I ever presume before the Lord our God, HaShem, and our Redeemer, Lord, and Messiah, Jesus that anything is “my ministry.” To hear someone utter the words…”my ministry” makes my spirit and soul shudder and cringe. No true believer should have their ministry – they, we, ought to be ministering Yeshua, Jesus our Master and Lord and Messiah’s ministry and teachings. We are to be DISCIPLES. Serving God Almighty and serving Jesus the Lord and Messiah. I know what many people attempt to mean using the words “my ministry,” but words have impact and power. And we ought to measure, understand, and use them wisely. Not as casually as the world and unbelievers use words. So writing this book was not of my ego or my desire. It is not my ministry. It is my humble effort to be a due diligent disciple of Yeshua’s, and to serve Him and our Father. Period. Not for me. For Their glory. For Their honor. For Their praise. For Their instruction.


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It began from my joy of writing and the Spirit alive and working within me. I started by first writing the poem “There Was a Certain Rich Man,” and I emailed that to two friends of mine that are believers. One has since left this fleshly life and been joined in spirit and soul with the Lord. He was the best man I ever knew in my life. And I sorely miss him. Talking with him about Scripture, about God, about Jesus, about spiritual matters. I sorely miss him.


Both believer friends replied with very enthusiastic responses when I sent a copy of the above poem to them, telling me how fresh and alive that poem struck them. Bold. To the point. And they asked if I had any more poems, and suggested I consider composing a book of poems if I did.


I then proceeded to write more and more always sending the completed work to them for their consideration, and their enthusiasm grew as the volume of work did.


As I told my friends all the glory goes to God. I am merely an instrument. Truly. I am an instrument in which God is plucking the strings of my heart, my mind, my spirit, my soul and from my experiences along with the Spirit working within me these poems result.


In almost every poem I’ve written I incorporate the Word of God. I used the King James Version exclusively in this volume of poems. The older KJV. I love its language and tenor and Truth. I am not drawn to or fond of modern translations with some being out and out abominations and perverting God’s Word in an effort to appease rather then convict and instruct in the ways of God. The only other translation I turn to and read on a regular basis is The Complete Jewish Bible, which also includes what is commonly known as the New Testament, which should have been translated into “newer covenant.” I call the writings of the Newer Testament the Apostolic writings, since every book was written by an ordained of the hand of God apostle of His Son, Jesus the Lord and Messiah. I have the Messianic point of view, even though born a Gentile. Still a Gentile. But a true believing one who is a disciple of Yeshua, the living and resurrected from death Son of God.


I write of my personal life, personal journey, and my years of walking in the wilderness in sin. My searching. My ignoring. My living a life aware there was a God but not listening to His voice, not living to worship Him in reverence and humility as I should have been. My being a blatant unrepentant sinner and then finally coming to God after hearing Him continually call and not give up on me.


The last poem in the book which gave the book its title is a very personal account of this walk and finally allowing God to be heard within my raging spirit.


I write about the joy and thankfulness of God not giving up on me. I write a lot about the degree of depravity within the world which is a result of the voids and depravity within individuals which comprise the world. I write of the multitude of false teachers and false doctrine passing for Christian doctrine in our times. I write of the great apostasy and the last days we are living in.


Words to also inspire, words to hopefully lift and assist. Words to make one feel and think, and fall on their knees in worship of the One True Living God and His son Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior. He Who ought to be Lord of our lives.


I write about faith, trust, hope, and being human while warring with this flesh and looking towards heaven. Always turning to and incorporating relevant passages of the Holy Bible differentiate from my words by having Scripture in Italics.


Hopefully you’ll find these poems as refreshing and enervating, as helpful to the spirit and heart as have those who have already read them, and you will tell others if these poems move you to a closer, deeper life with the Lord. For that is the sole purpose of composing these. Not to bring attention to me. Not to bring monetary riches to me for I would have to sell thousands of books just to break even monetarily speaking. No, while this may not be believed, I do this all for the Lord. To have His instruction, His inerrant Word reach others in a form that might move them to move their feet, move their spirits and souls, move their lives in the direction of our Father and of His Son, Jesus the Lord and Messiah, and to commit, commend, and dedicate their lives to being true believers…the light of the world, the salt of the earth!


I am lead to do this. Often I only have a word or hint of an idea in my heart or mind and I sit and God’s Spirit directs me. Many of these poems were written in one sitting from beginning to end without stopping. Others happened over a period of days.


All are composed for the honor and glory of God striving to reveal His truth through His Words and using me and mine as a small instrument helping set the tone. Without God none of these would be possible. None of the poems appearing on this website are in the book “Wilderness: A Crooked Path to the Promised Land.” The poems in the book only appear in the book.


“Wilderness: A Crooked Path to the Promised Land” is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE by either clicking on this link; WILDERNESS: A CROOKED PATH TO THE PROMISED LAND (please note 100% of sales proceeds are given to charity),or on the home page by clicking on the “Store” link in the header, or by visiting, or inquiring at any book retailer.


Baruch HaShem,

Ken Pullen

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